Bulgaria expects 5% more international Tourism in 2018
According to Bulgaria's Ministry of Tourism, the country expects a 5% rise in tourist numbers for the summer season of 2018, compared to 2017. The number of tourists visiting Bulgaria increased by 11% in the first quarter of this year, compared to the same period in 2017. The country's Ministry for Tourism launched a digital advertising campaign this year, aiming in particular at tourists from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Poland and the US, the main markets the Ministry expects tourists to come from. Last year, more than 5.3 million international visitors came to Bulgaria. Domestic tourism is also expected to grow. For 2018, the Ministry believes that 1.9 million Bulgarians will be travelling to other parts of the country. Last year, that figure was 1.6 million. Bulgaria is very much seen as a major emerging tourist destination in Europe. The recent win of Plovdiv, which has been named ... več
Vir: Global Property Guideobjava: 03.09.2018