Is the US Housing Market finally slowing down?
There are signs that after years of soaring house prices the US housing market is set for the worst slump in as many years because house buyers can no longer afford to buy. Properties that only a year ago would have been sold in days are now sitting awaiting buyers for many weeks. Asking prices are also coming down sharply. Where a three-bedroomed property might have been listed for US$ 600,000, it is now on the market for just US$550,000 in Seattle's northern districts. The US housing market was a hotbed in cities like Seatle and Austin, Texas, as well as in Silicon Valley, but now there are signs that the boom is over. Rising mortgage rates and accelerated house prices are pricing buyers out of the market. Figures released in July showed that existing house sales fell sharply in June, the third month in a row for decreases. Housing ... več
Vir: Global Property Guideobjava: 29.08.2018