Spain welcomes nearly one Million less Tourists than predicted for first Half of 2018
Between January and June this year, Spain recorded a 2.2% drop, close to one million, in tourist numbers, as well as a 3.1% decrease in overnight stays, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE). Fears of excessive heat this summer and protests by locals against the onslaught of holidaymakers seen in recent years may be to blame for this fall in tourists. Last year some 82 million tourists visited Spain, of which 42 million hailed from the UK, France and Germany. The drop in tourist numbers has alerted the Spanish government and tourism chiefs to potential problems. It is feared stagnation or even a decline of tourism for the third quarter of this year would result in a serious drop in revenue. A report by Spain's official tourist board, Turespana, revealed as much in August 2018. Turespana forecasts a 4.2% drop in the number of UK holidaymakers coming to ... več
Vir: Global Property Guideobjava: 04.09.2018